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Mountain Ridge

Rise Stronger

“Passionate about supporting and strengthening Christ followers without compromising God’s Word!  Committed to helping you find your voice, make meaningful connections and encouraging you to walk forward in everything God has for you in this hour!”

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How We Impact Others!

The PROMISE Project

Fighting Human Trafficking

The PROMISE Project is a Rise Stronger initiative to educate both children and adults on the realities and dangers of human trafficking.  By speaking compassionately, yet frankly, to schools, church groups (youth or adult), athletic teams or community/civic organizations, the end-goal is to stop human trafficking before it starts, and we feel this starts with education.  

Conferences, Workshops and Outreach

Community Faith Events

Rise Stronger faith events and outreach activities are Holy Spirit Filled & Christ Centered... truly dedicated to uplift and bring the community together.  Attendees at our events are inspired and strengthened to walk out their faith with boldness. 

Women's Bible Study

For Such a Time as This!

For Such a Time as This is a women's weekly bible study where God’s Word  is applied directly to events happening in our world today.  We welcome women from all denominations. 


If you are seeking wisdom from the Word of God on how to actively live out your calling in the world today, please check it out! 

Christian Booklet

Yes & Amen!  

Promises For TODAY!

This will be an overview of Yes & Amen.

This is Our Story

Welcome to Rise Stronger, a community of Christians who are dedicated to supporting each other on their spiritual journey. Founded by Brad and Stephanie Johnson during the pandemic, our mission is to connect with other believers and grow together in faith. ​Stephanie's passion for helping and leading others has been a driving force throughout her career, particularly during her many years teaching in the public school system. Her foundation is rooted in her Christian faith, recognizing that we all are children of Christ, and all that we have... and all that we do is for His glory. Brad has a wealth of experience in the financial services industry and has also successful as a technology entrepreneur. His unique background, combined with his deep faith, brings great value to our mission and operation.  

Afternoon Light


"I thought it was Wonderful and refreshing!  I am still learning to navigate the purpose God has for me, and this was a wonderful stepping stone in figuring it out."


"The whole day was truly amazing! The three speakers brought very different styles and perspectives, which I feel related to everyone in different ways."


"You nailed it!  I have so missed the Women of Faith events, and this replaced what has been missing for so many years. Do it again...Yes! Yes! Yes!"


What an awesome time!  Coming together with so many like-minded women was a blessing to ALL.  Thank you for everything and the attention to all the little details.  Stephanie... you are a force that inspires all."

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